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Sarah Lamour Photography


If you were to see me in a crowded (pre-covid!) room, you would find me - most likely - at the back of the room, talking to one person the entire time. I would come away, feeling like they're my new best friend, convinced of their brilliance and very invested in who they are as a person. And that's me! I love and so deeply believe in the innate beauty, creativity and brilliance of people. 

I treat all my photography clients the same way. I love meeting and getting to know people, and I consider it a great honour to be invited into a moment of their lives, to capture their story and help make those moments lifelong memories. 

My style is natural, un-posed, relaxed and informal. What matters to you is what matters to me - the locations, the style, even the clothes you wear. 

When the camera is down, if I'm not with my family you'll find me on a mountain hike, a beachside walk, or outside on a run. 

Random facts:

• I am an artist... I mostly paint in blue and gold! 

• I am also a baker - I used to make wedding cakes as a side business when I lived in the UK

Breakfast is my most favourite meal of the day, and porridge is life

• I am finishing my degree in Psychology & Counselling...alongside raising three children - because I'm crazy...

• I believe we are all here for such a time as this and therefore I would rather go big than go home, take risks, live by faith, live open handed and open hearted. 

• I believe generosity is key to finding joy

• And Jesus is my life source, my foundation, my reason, my everything. 

Sarah Lamour & Family at home


I brought my first digital camera when I was 18 with my birthday money and instantly fell in love with capturing life around me. Granted, my editing skills in those days were, well, amateur to say the least. Let's just say I was a bit heavy handed with the contrast and saturation levels! But we all have to start somewhere...


Thankfully I matured, as did my photography skills, and a diploma in Digital Photography helped along the way. My love of overly contrasted and heavily saturated images subsided, and in its place grew a greater love, a deep delight in what is natural, what is simple, and what is true

This is the foundation of my photography style.

It is also my life-style. 


I see beauty wherever I go: from epic African sunsets, to tiny flowers springing up amongst the gangster run, drug riddled streets I once called home.  From the majestic clouds that lap off the top of Table Mountain, to the frost that settles on a crisp wintery morning in England. From the 'you may kiss the bride' moments, to the tender touches of proud parents adoring their child. 

There is beauty everywhere and I love to capture it; simply and authentically. 

And that is my approach to photography. To capture moments in their purest form.

Love and life should never be staged or put together. From my experience, love and life are messy. Beautiful but messy, and that should be celebrated. That should be captured and displayed on your walls, your mantelpieces, your Facebook and Instagram profiles!

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