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Wow. What. A. Birth!

I woke up to a message from Timiney (mom) at 230am saying that they were heading to hospital as she'd woken up with some blood - but no contractions yet.

At 330am contractions were mild and very irregular... I figured, as she's a first time mom, we've got time. How WRONG was I!!

At 430 she was 7cm dilated and things were progressing.... FAST! I grabbed my stuff and jumped in the car and praised the Lord that it was 5am on a Saturday morning and there was no traffic!!!

At just after 5 I arrived to find Timiney fully dilated and pushing! She had an incredibly supportive gynae and a nurse and Marlon (dad) was just the most wonderful supportive presence. The love they have for one another was palpable and the excitement of this beautiful baby boy was utterly joyous.

What a gorgeous family, and what a privilege for me to be there! Thank you, guys, for trusting me with the honour of capturing the miracle of life!

Enjoy the video - or have a scroll through the photos!

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