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Well this was unexpected! For both Moerieda and for me...for different reasons! I turned up ready to shoot another couple for their anniversary shoot...but they never showed up. And I was about to get in the car to drive back home when I thought, 'well whilst I'm here I might as well see if anyone wants a free photoshoot...' it was a spectacularly beautiful evening after all! I approached a couple standing nearby, but they said they were part of an engagement party - BINGO! I offered to take photos of the gathering and the moment itself, and felt instantly very privileged and thankful that I'd not just driven away slightly despondent and irritated!

What a delightful bunch of friends and family who'd obviously gone to great lengths to make this proposal momentous and memorable. The traffic was awful on the way up to Signal Hill so I wasn't too surprised that the couple seemed to be taking an age to get there! Moerieda arrived eventually, blindfolded, and on the arm of her soon-to-be fiancé, Naeem. It was a truly special moment to witness, un-blindfolded she was moved to tears at all the people gathered there to witness, and the photos will tell of the joy and love that abounds between them all.

Goes to show, you win some, you lose someone - but it's always good to take a risk and to step out!

I wish these two the very best in this season of preparation and in the rest of their lives to come

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