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I hardly ever make it to Kirstenbosch - and having spent an hour there this Saturday morning I wondered why on earth we don't go. It is BEAUTIFUL - especially this time of year.

I met the Lightley's there at 8am, 3 gorgeous kids tumbled out the car full of beans and energy - the BEST!

The amazing thing with Kirstenbosch is you only have to walk a few paces and you'll find yourself in a completely different setting... turn a corner, and there's another pocket of beauty.

As a nature lover and outdoorsy type, it's a dream.

The kids did SO well, a teething one year old (I feel ya, sweetie, my wisdom teeth are still emerging), and a brother who doesn't seem so keen on his big sister right now didn't put a stop to lots of fun and really tender moments.

I love what I do, and the places I get to see.

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